Accurate Chemical offers only the best products to meet our clients each and every need. The leader in industry solutions, Accurate Chemical utilizes the most up-to-date methods to give clients exactly what they need! Working with Accurate results in the best products for the best clients, with results guaranteed!

Chemicals continue to be on the forefront of cleaning technology. The unique design of AccuLogic not only saves the environment, but also reduces energy consumption and increases workplace safety. Accurate Chemical products are made with lean manufacturing practices, quality materials and dispensed with an improved delivery platform. 



Accurate uses 83.5 less trucks than competitors annually when transporting chemicals.

Saves an average of 3,644,375 gallons of water annually. 

Saves an average of 91 semi trucks worth of water annually. 

Saves thousands of dollars in freight for the client.

Eliminates pollution from trucks by utilizing less transport.

Can transport more AccuLogic than standard 5 gallon containers and stay under U.S. D.O.T. 1000 lb. guidelines.


***Values based upon 1 year average annual sales dealings of chemical products by Accurate Chemical Acquisition and its respective affiliates and subsidiaries. Values based off of the 45,000 pound maximum transport allowance for an average semi-truck as set forth by the respective manufacturer and or the U.S. D.O.T.. Value savings are calculated, and then rounded up or down to the next whole truck for visual appeal. 

Reduce & Recycle

When it comes to protecting the environment, AccuLogic offers many advantages:

  • You get the best cleaning through a 100% concentrate. 

  • AccuLogic concentrate reduces container size. 

  • AccuLogic containers use less grams of plastic per volume of use solution in the industry. 

  • AccuLogic closed-loop system prevents spillage, injury, and eliminates free pouring. 

  • Empty means EMPTY — No chemical residue is left in the container to end up in landfills. No rinsing of containers is required either, so no wasted water, and nothing down the drain!

Environmentally responsible solutions must consider the complete picture, including operational efficiencies and energy usage. AccuLogic offers energy savings by: 

  • Reducing fuel consumption of freight and delivery.

  • Reducing operational costs through products, training, and consultations. 

Reducing Total Operational Costs

  • Labor

  • Maintenance & Repairs 

  • Utilities

  • Injuries and Work comp Expense

  • Replacement Cost of Wear Items


Lean manufacturing is a business model that emphasizes eliminating waste while delivering quality products at the least lost to the manufacturer and customers. Lean manufacturing focuses on three objectives. 

   1.  Increasing manufacturing velocity and flexibility.

   2.  Improving quality and eliminating defects.