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Efficient Water Usage

With warewashing / kitchen use accounting for up to 52% of water usage in most restaurants, water efficiency is a critical first step in reducing operating costs and becoming more environmentally friendly.

Accurate offers a complete line of Energy Star rated dishmachines. Energy Star rated equipment can help you realize huge savings, some restaurants seeing a 25% reduction in water usage just by converting their dishmachine. To learn more about Energy Star appliances and how they can impact your business visit

Not is our equipment built to be as efficient as possible, but we also design our products to be efficient as well. Our R&D team is on the cutting edge with formulas that utilize super concentrates to give you the most uses per gallon. We also use formulas that are phosphate-free, which supports a healthier planet. For more information about phosphates see this article by the American Cleaning Institute.

For more information about potential water savings, visit the EPA's WaterSense website.

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