DFFC Fryer Cleaner

Deep Fat Fryer Boil Out

Fryer Cleaner quickly removes heavy grease deposits when used in the boil out stage of the fryer cleaning process. Fryer Cleaner also helps reduce flavor crossover and prolongs the life of equipment.

Directions for Use

1. When cool, drain and remove loose grease. 2. Fill fryer with just enough water to cover the heating coils. 3. Add 8 to 10 ounces of product for fryers of 25 pound capacity. 4. Turn on heat and bring temperature to 180� f - 200�f. Allow the coil to soak in the hot, concentrated solution until it is clean. Heavy deposits may require additional scrubbing with a brush. 5. Turn off heat and drain. Add cold water to the cleaning solution as it is drained to prevent rapid cooling and possible warping of the tank. 6. Rinse thoroughly with fresh, hot water.

DFFC Fryer Cleaner

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