Accurate Team

About Us

   Accurate Chemical & Services staff mission is to provide the highest caliber of personalized, high-quality service for our customers.  Accurate Chemical was established in 2002, with a purpose of being the vendor that the Local Restaurants would want to turn to for their every day essentials in running a restaurant or business in the hospitality industry.  Accurate Chemical is a local, independently owned chemical company in the Southwest and continue's to redefine the standards in the industry.  It's about service, commitment and results... guaranteed!

  Being a leader in the hospitality industry for our local community, the success is defined by the customer service of our Accurate Team. We strive to make a difference not only through our customer service but the quality of product.  As we grow, Accurate Chemical continues to provide cost contained service in ware washing, general cleaning, laundry and disposables/paper products.  Accurate Chemical is committed to each individual "partner" to help grow and expand in our community. Our professional staff of Sale's Representatives to Delivery drivers want to help make your business run as smooth and worry free as possible. Going the extra mile and "What can we do to help you" attitude, is the true Accurate way!  Accurate Chemical back's up it's results in guaranteed satisfaction!